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Initiative for Clean Drinking Water and Healthy Food

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Blowing up Swastikas

Engineers of the U.S. Army blow up a huge swastika in the Nuremberg stadium on 22 April 1945.

© L. Bennet (Elby) Fenberg
License: Public Domain

Mud Worm

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© Chris Unleaded

525 lb

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© Stefanie Cohen

Earth Day

Video with sound


Elin Öberg

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© Elin Öberg

Annapurna, Himalaya


© Martin Stanek
Creative Commons license: CC0 1.0

Cape Town


© Joshua Earle
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Expert Level Pole Dancing

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© Michaela W

Cuban Radio Stations

La cancion de la trova (link for media player)
Radio Campesina Cubana
Trova Radio (link for media player)