WordPress Multisite Subdomains Not Working

«MultiPress or WordPress Networks with wildcard setup is a great way to have multiple sites from one instance of installation, how ever most people have issues setting this kind of configuration on their hosting providers and most likely will require wildcards in their DNS zone to make the subdomain work.

This method is for people that install WordPress Multisite on a subdomain type of configuration and receive error messages accessing their newly created sites from the network or subdomain, in order to make this work we will need to set up wildcards.

The issue is that all the tutorials that explain wildcards are not so clear because they usually tell you to set up with a A or TXT name pointing to your root domain, the proper way setting it up is with a CNAME and with this method your subdomain sites on your Network will work fine and will be accessible once again.

1. So go to your cPanel or any other hosting panel you have.
2. Go to Advanced DNS Manager select yourdomain.com
3. add a new record as a CNAME
4. Name: *.yourdomain.com. yes it is a *
5. TTL 14400
6. Type of redirect: CNAME
7. CNAME: yourdomain.com


That is all for now, you probably have to wait a while till your server updates, clear your browser cache and log back into your MultiPress freshly configured wildcard networks and check if your new subdomain sites function, if all went fine your Multi install should be running fine.»

Source: spazlport.com, state 26.06.2014

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    Thank you for awesome tricks.

    Here it’s working on my site!


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